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Over 50 years experience in sales of bakery equipment!

  • DirectionQuickborn / Germany
  • Phone+49 4106 773588

Our guarantee obligations

In general, the statutory guarantee provisions according to §§ 459ff of the German Civil Code (BGB), in particular § 476a BGB and 477, will apply with the following limitations. Defects liability for used and restored machines, as defined by the laws and regulations of the respective countries in which the machines are used, is not accepted and is to be fulfilled by the purchaser. A guarantee for new machines in the EU is provided in accordance with the applicable EU legislation. This guarantee is not valid outside the EU. We are obliged and will indemnify all damages resulting from production faults or recognizable material defects free of charge, in all cases where the purchaser has raised his claim in accordance with § 8 (Complaints) of our Terms & Conditions and there are no unfulfilled payments left on his side. Guarantee and defects liability will not be valid and will not cover any defects resulting from improper use of the machines, use of incorrect accessories or non-observance of the operating instructions. When claiming a damage or defect of a machine, machine parts or any purchased equipment, defect items are to be sent us post-free.

For new machines - meaning machines that are built of brand new parts and which were not commercially used beyond usual test runs before - the guarantee coverage is given for 2 years. For fully restored machines - meaning machines which were completely disassembled, cleaned, tested and, where necessary, replaced by original parts of the manufacturer - the guarantee is provided in accordance with the regulations of §477 German Civil Code (BGB). For repaired machines, meaning machines inspected for defects, tested for functionality and, where necessary, defect parts have been repaired or replaced - guarantee for ½ year will be given, without coverage of transport and labor costs. For used machines - meaning machines, which were merely tested for functionality, no guarantee will be provided. Such used equipment is sold as "seen" without any guarantee.